delivered 40+ awesome systems

by a telecommuting team of senior specialists that
loves creating powerful code

Our History of Deliverables and Word of Mouth is our best Sales People


In layman's terms, we use our own mix of Agile (a development style) to deliver quick wins via multiple sprints, each releasing working production functionality.


We believe that senior developers crave to work undisturbed in peace and quiet. With strong communication channels with each other via Skype and daily scrums. Each get to develop in their own custom environment. Our head office is purely for admin purposes.


Team members are paid per deliverable. This keeps our costs low without unnecessary overheads.

Fields of Expertise

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Location Based Services, Indoor Navigation, QR Bulk Marketing, Augmented Reality, Market Surveys, Paramedic QR scanner, 92 shopping mall apps, Auctioneering and more.

Financial Systems

Financial Systems

Solutions for Banking Institutions, Security Audit, Sales Workflow, Call Centre Queueing, Short Term Insurance and more.

Retail Systems

Retail Systems

Online Payment Gateway, Wine Ordering, Wine Distribution, Coupons, Vouchers, Retail Specials, Banner Ads, Competitions and more.

B2B Systems

B2B Data Integration

Export Transform and Loading for 3.4 Billion POS transactions per day for 500+ stores. Satellite TV data integration between multiple data sources. Retailers' specials assimilation and distribution between 23 malls and 6000+ stores. ETL experts.

Fact vs Fiction

Some make promises, while we deliver.

Our history of delivered solutions is long, varied, of high quality and something that we are fiercely proud of.

Imagine what we can do for you
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